Novice tomato, mozzarella, parma ham and pesto sandwich

This is one of the nicest sandwiches in the world!

Crusty white bread, fresh pesto topped with mozzarella, tomato and ham, this sandwich when packed properly and left to sit until lunchtime moulds itself into a delicious foil wrapped delight!

Slice the tomatoes and add them to a piece of paper towel to absorb some of the moisture – this will stop the sarnie from getting to damp. Simply spread a generous helping of pesto on one half of the bread and top with slices of mozzarella and then the tomato. On the other half of bread, add the parma ham, as much as you want or can fit to close up the sandwich!

Drizzle it all with a little olive oil (not a lot, there’s pesto don’t forget!) and a pinch of salt and a nice crack of pepper.

Close the sandwich up properly and securely, then wrap tightly. The bread will mould around the abundance of fillings and you’ll have one of the nicest sandwiches you can have at your desk – fresh, vibrant and full of flavour!



Prawn cocktail salad boats with a healthy dressing

A simple little lunch made up of many an ingredient you might have knocking about in the back of your fridge, particularly in the summer months.

Use the romaine salad leaves as boats within which to carry your additional salad items and your prawn cocktail.

For my first salad boat, I just piled in whatever I had, in this case watercress, tomato, avocado, cress and spring onion.

My other boat filled with fresh cooked prawns, along with a dressing made of ketchup, low fat yoghurt, tabasco and a splash of brandy. It works well and so much better for you than traditional thousand island.


Chorizo with roasted red peppers and couscous

I feel like The Little Book of Lunch is one of my few cooking bibles at the moment, and why not?! Lunchtime is the best part of the working day, but only if you have a great lunch to look forward to (obviously!)

I know I rave about all of the recipes, but this one really is awesome. Crispy chorizo and all it’s juices soaking into the tomatoes and peppers, and subsequently the couscous, topped off with some freshness of the rocket.

Tuck into this at work while your colleagues start on their pre-packed sarnie and you’re guaranteed to turn some heads!


Grilled halloumi, vegetable and avocado

The latest from The Little Book of Lunch, grilled halloumi, vegetable and avocado couscous. Also served up with delicious peppers, green beans and peppery rocket.

This recipe is quick to make, tastes great, gets in a load of your five a day, and doesn’t taste like a boring salad – the cheese and avocado really make it feel decadent!

Filling, nutritious and tasty, this is one you’ll make frequently for work if you make it once.