Kerryann’s tuna pasta bake – Jamie Oliver

This is a lovely recipe!

Everyone likes a pasta bake, but it’s so unsatisfying boiling pasta, opening a jar, stirring and baking.

This recipe tastes delicious, but involves you putting in a little bit more effort. You still feel as though you’re having a pasta filled, cheese topped naughty dinner, but you feel you’ve gone some way to deserving it!

You can find Kerryann’s tuna pasta bake by clicking here.

Jamie Oliver’s quick crispy chicken with tomatoes and asparagus

If you were to compare the image alongside Jamie’s recipe to mine, you would not think they were the same dish. I did plate it differently, as well as far less elegantly, but the flavours were there!

I have to say that the standout thing on the plate is the basil, olive, butter, tomato and wine sauce. It is absolutely delicious. I will use it again with other chicken dishes.

This is a really good recipe, and actually works well adapted for lunches on top of some couscous, as it soaks up all the buttery/winey sauce.

Oh, and I added a poached egg to the asparagus because they needed using up!

You can access Jamie’s recipe, here.

Jamie Oliver’s roast chicken with cous cous

There’s nothing better than sticking a bird in to roast of a weekend, but when the warmer weather arrives and there are only two of you, sometimes the traditional roast, glorious as it is, doesn’t seem necessary.

Jamie’s recipe for roast chicken with cous cous is for four people, but it works absolutely perfectly for two with a delicious lunch for work the next day. It’s really simple, one pan cooking, and the flavours are great. It’s healthy, too.


Jamie Oliver potato and chorizo breakfast hash

This is a brilliant recipe to have up your sleeve because, not only is it simple and delicious, but it’s cheap and made up of many ingredients you may well have at home.

It’s warming, full of flavour and even the most novice chef can do it!


Access the recipe by visiting Jamie Oliver’s website here.

Jamie Oliver’s lemon sole with green beans

The start of the New Year always brings out the best intentions, one of which for most of us it to eat well.

This dish from JO is fresh, healthy and ridiculously easy to make.

You kind find the receipt here, and while mine doesn’t look like Jamie’s, it was a lovely little dish to knock up at home after a day at work.

Jamie Oliver’s Spanish tortilla

This is a really good recipe to have in your locker a week before payday when money might be a bit tight. A handful of relatively cheap ingredients (potatoes, eggs and onion) and you’ve got a tortilla the size of an average pizza.

I served this with a simple Spanish salad with some chorizo and goats cheese, the saltiness of the cheese and chorizo cuts through the density of the tortilla.

This recipe is a great base, and would work really will with some peppers or chorizo going straight into the tortilla.

Find the recipe here.

Jamie Oliver’s chicken noodle stir-fry

I don’t know why but I’m not a fan of the stir-fry packs you can get in the supermarket. To me they always taste healthy, but boring, too. Maybe I’m just missing a trick with them…

Anyway, I thought it would be worth trying a recipe from scratch, in the hope I could find one that has the crunch of al dente veg and the unmistakable soy saltiness of a stir-fry. JO, as usual, has a great recipe. Simple (really simple) and full of veg which retains their life and firmness, with soft chicken and noodles, nuts and coriander, this really does pack you full of nutrients (and only one pan of washing up!)

Above all, it kind of looks like the sort of dish you’d expect to get in a restaurant, it’s got that darkness that says you’ve chucked it all around the pan with a load of soy and garlic.

Oh, and heated up the next day at lunch for work, I swear it tastes better. While your colleagues tuck into another egg sarnie from downstairs, you’re sprinkling some coriander and toasted nuts over your homemade chicken noddle stir-fry. I know who is eating better!