Cumberland sausage with cheddar and caramelised shallot roast potato mash

A third of the way through Nigel Slater’s excellent book, ‘Kitchen Diaries Three: A year of good eating’, there is a recipe for bangers and mash.

The recipe calls for a Cumberland sausage ring, which most butchers need to prior warning of to produce, so I just went with a normal sausages from the butcher.

However, this recipe isn’t about the sausage at all: this is one of the nicest mashed potatoes I have ever had the joy of eating. I love mash, I love it plain with tons of butter, colcannon, a bit of bubble on a Monday, whatever – but this mash is absolutely awesome. Not over-mashed, every now and then you get the unmistakable flavour of roast potato skin, plus the sweet caramelised onions which work with the sharp cheese so brilliantly.

Nigel Slater’s sausage and mash is one which really, the mash should be on top of the sausage as, for once, it is the potato which is the star of the show.


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