Novice Jamie Oliver’s chicken tikka, lentil and spinach salad

This is my first venture into Jamie’s 15 minute meals, which I really enjoyed.  OK, so mine doesn’t look like the Jamie’s did, but I don’t think it looks half bad and tastes great!

It took me around 25 minutes to make this, but that included getting all my ingredients out and prepped and then adding everything to the board correctly.

It’s really essential when following Jamie’s recipe to ensure that you have everything out and ready to go, including cooking equipment, so that you can follow the frantic pace of the recipe effectively.

The coriander yoghurt was a delicious and really binds everything together and adds a depth of richness to the rest of the ingredients.

Novice notes

  • For this recipe, if using a serving board, make sure you use a tray or dish that has edges so that you can serve up without pushing the puy lentils off the board.
  • Consider having the spinach and ribbons of carrots and cucumber on the board before you start cooking, it’s one less thing to do later of you get behind on other bits.

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