Sam the Cooking Guy: Greek Chicken

Ok so this doesn’t look that special – I know… but the marinade on the chicken and the flavour in this sauce is so good.

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at the ingredients list is that the marinade isn’t particularly traditionally Greek! But it’s all stuff you’ll have in the cupboard – do it!

The second thing you’ll notice when you taste the sauce is it’s basically recipe for the garlic and herb dip the pizza cos never give you enough of – so now you’ll never run out! Do it!

Recipe here at Sam the Cooking Guy.

Stand mixer white loaf

Really simple recipe to make a lovely loaf of bread all in your stand mixer. I probably could have done with an longer prove to make it lighter and a bit more salt would have added more flavour, but I’ll be making this again!

You can get the recipe at the Thrifty Squirrels blog.

Dipna Anand’s One Pot Lamb Cutlet Pilau with Garlic Raita

I loved this recipe – a really nice one pot, very simple to make and looks impressive. The raita is needed to add a bit of wetness. Very reminiscent to a biryani! Would definitely recommend this!

You can get the recipe on James Martin’s website here

Ottolenghi’s Orzo with Prawns, Tomato and Marinated Feta

I wasn’t sure about the combo of feta and prawns, but this was delicious. I probably over reduced everything slightly so leave it looser next time, but still the flavours were great. My wife doesn’t like fennel seeds so I swapped these out for cumin seeds and it worked fine.

You can get the recipe in Ottolenghi Simple

Chris Baber’s ‘dead easy chicken curry noodles’

Really quick and easy recipe – though I forgot the bean-sprouts which would have been nice. The recipe has what you’d expect with garlic, chilli and ginger, curry powder and turmeric. The sauce is made up of stock and coconut oil, all bound around noodles.

You can get the recipe of Chris Baber’s Instagram.

Nigella Lawson roast chicken and Yorkshire puddings

Look at the rise on those babies! So the chicken recipe was nothing groundbreaking as it was from the basics section from ‘How to Eat’. A lemon up the jacksy, oiled and seasoned. The lemon flavours a lighter gravy. The Yorkies however were a revelation. Just look how they rose!

Sam the Cooking Guy: spicy sausage pasta

I’ve recently discovered Sam the Cooking Guy on YouTube. A Canadian born cook from Sean Diego who loves delicious, knock out food. The

This is like many Italian-American recipes, the Nonnas of Italy would turn in their graves but you have to accept this is delicious. The recipe calls for Italian sausage which is common in America and oddly hard to come by in England. I used a chorizo flavoured sausage.

The hero part of this recipe is the panco x bacon topping. Try this and tell me you don’t want it on all your pastas forever.

You can get the recipe on Sam’s website

Gino d’acampo Mamma Alba’s meatballs

This was a nice recipe though wasn’t the best meatballs I’ve ever had. The recipe is very classic but they still tasted a tad dry despite following the recipe exactly. The sauce is nice, very tomatoey with a hit of basil. What is good is that you get enough meatballs and sauce to have plenty of pasta for lunch for a couple days!

You can get the recipe in Gino’s book Coastal Escape